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Viscose Filament Yarns

Viscose filament yarn has several advantages such as excellent water absorbability, air permeability and dyeing behavior, as well as excellent draping property. Due to these qualities viscose filament yarn is widely used in weaving, knitting, embroidery, laces and braids manufacturing. It is an important fiber for fashionable  clothing. 

Viscose Spun Yarns
Viscose filament yarns

Our Viscose Rayon Filament Yarns offers high moisture absorption, breathability, good drape and natural grace. It is an excellent raw material for laces, braids, georgette velvet, taffeta, embroidery yarns, knitted high value fabrics etc.

We offer Rayon Filament yarn in Bright & Dull lustres. The yarn is either Centrifugal Pot spun or Continuous Spun. The Centrifugal Pot Spun yarn is offered in Raw White, Snow White and various colours as per the buyers’ choice and requirement.

Our range is 40 Den, 75 Den, 120 Den, 150 Den, 300 Den, 450 Den and 600 Den. We also offer knotless spliced yarn. We offer from the best manufacturers and sources around the world.

Rayon Yarns