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Polyester Staple Fibre

Polyester staple fibre (PSF) has emerged as the fastest-growing fibre amongst all types of manufactured fibres. 

The unique feature of PSF is that it can be blended with natural fibres (e.g., cotton and wool) and synthetic fibres (e.g., rayon) to produce polyester blended yarns on the conventional cotton spinning machines.

Polyester staple fibre is used to spin yarn of 100 per cent PSF or in blends with natural, artificial and/or synthetic staple fibres for the manufacture of apparel/household textiles, 100 per cent polyester sewing thread, other industrial textiles and for the manufacture of waddings. 

Our product range in polyester staple fibre can serve almost all application areas and serve a wide variety of end uses such as spinning yarns, non-wovens, geotextiles and shortcut applications. We can offer first grade fibres in various deniers, lusters and colors with the ability to offer spun dyed fibres matched to your specific requirements.

Apart from its conventional uses, new applications of polyester are being developed in woven and knitted apparels, garments, and home textiles. Shortcut PSF is finding a use in the paper mills as an important reinforcement additive.