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Polyester Fibre Fill

Hollow Polyester Fibre Fill provides greater loft and resilience in quilt, mattress protectors, pillows and pillow protectors, allowing them to be used in a wide variety of sleep products, These micro fibre fill provide multi holes profile, fibre clusters and anti-microbial properties, thus giving protection to the life of the product.

We offer Polyester Fibre Fill in 6 Den & 15 den in 51mm, both in siliconised and non-siliconised finish.

Polyester fibres are replacing polyurethane foam and cotton in fibrefill applications because of their suitability and competitive price. There are two main advantages in use of PSF as filling fibre over cotton and other products: (i) the final product (e.g., quilt) is much lighter for the same warmth and (ii) the final product (e.g., pillow) is easily washable and much more hygienic.